How To Style And Wear Air Jordan 1s Properly

Sneakers existed long before 1985. It’s not exaggerated to say that sneaker culture, as we know it, began with the introduction of Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker in the mid-’80s: the Air Jordan 1.

The Air Jordan 1 is undoubtedly bigger than ever, three decades later. Jordan Brand continues to expand its extensive color range, even though OG colors like the “Bred,” the “Royal,” and “Shadow” remain the standard. It’s not uncommon to see 60+ colorways of the 1 released in one year. J Balvin and Travis Scott are just two of the biggest music stars to have adorned the 1 with their unique colors. You don’t have to be a celebrity to wear 1s. Even your average homie, who doesn’t know much about sneakers, may have added a pair to his collection. The Air Jordan 1 is , the model that represents sneakers in general.

We could continue to talk about the Air Jordan 1 for a lot longer.The next step is to learn how to wear them. This is not meant to be a final ruling. If you are looking for answers, consider it a gentle nudge in a positive direction.

We felt it was time for us to share some tips with the masses. 1s are getting more mainstream exposure every week, and it is becoming harder to get. With Jordan 1 Lows back in fashion and an abundance of collaborations , there is plenty to choose. The 1 is versatile enough to be worn in many different ways. However, there are a few things you should remember. Check out our guide to how to wear Air Jordan 1s.

Although it might seem sacrilegious to ask this question, the truth is that all sizes of the Air Jordan 1 are quite popular. While the OG Air Jordan 1 High remains superior to all others, the stigma surrounding Mids is slowly fading. Air Jordan 1 Lows are also in the same category. Travis Scott and his Low collab of 2019 made low-top 1s more appealing than ever. This rule is not for everyone. You might still be roasted for brag about your new 1s to friends and wearing Mids to the party. It isn’t as simple as it used to be. Blue the Great’s and Melody Ehsani’s Collabs are two examples of mid-priced options that have recently hit the market. For a casual, laid-back look in the summer, a pair of Lows is a good choice. You’ll look great if you choose wisely and pair it with the right shirt or pants.

OG or New Colorway

Purists will only be able to wear a few colors. They say that Mike didn’t wear them. Are the OG colors still the best? Yes. There are many solid color options that you shouldn’t ignore. You can wear whatever you want. You will be less likely to have any historical significance if you are younger. Pairs like the “Obsidian”, 2019 are available for $500 on stockX without any historical context. Some people simply want shoes that they like. It is important to know the history of a shoe such as the 1s. Do some research. 

Be sure to buy the right size

Yes, shoes will crease. You can’t avoid creasing by walking like a duck. But eventually, the toebox will show signs of age. Air Jordan 1s are a sneaker that doesn’t look too bad if they get creased. We don’t want your toebox to look like a soiled shirt that you just took out of the closet. It is easy to ensure you buy the right size. It is best to try them on before you buy. However, the 1s tend to be a little narrower. You can go half a size larger if your foot is longer. Size down if there is more than 2 inches between your toes, and the front of your shoe. Although the last size in stock might have been a 12, remember that you are a 10. Foam inserts can be used to stop creasing if you cannot help but use them. Although they won’t keep your sheets wrinkle-free forever, they are worth the $10 cost. They make it a little more snug.

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