Where can I get new eyeglass lenses for my frames?

There are many benefits to buying new prescription glasses in person, especially if you’re purchasing a complete new pair. Before you purchase, you can test out different styles and frames to see how they fit you. Online shopping is the best way to shop if you are just changing your prescription. You can compare prices from many online prescription glasses businesses so that you have a wide selection. Many offer discounts and deals that rotate so you can save money. A great site that offers good deals for glasses replacement parts is online at Glasses Tools.

Companies that offer prescription lenses updates for your favorite frames use the most recent technology. Multifocal lenses, transition lenses and polarized lenses are all available. Tinted lenses, antiglare lenses, tinted lenses, multifocal lenses and polarized lenses are also available.

To help narrow down your choices, I have compiled a list of top lens-replacement companies. These companies sell frames, full prescription sunglasses and package sunglasses. The main difference is their eyeglass lens replacement options. You can send in your existing frames and have your new prescription filled. Every company will send you a package with a return label inside. If you have already received a box, the company will send you the label. It is simple.

As we test more, we’ll be updating this list of best replacement lenses for glasses. Be aware of the following tips, caveats, and prerequisites before we get started:

  • Many of the prescription eyewear websites that offer eyeglass lens replacement offer discounts for new customers.
  • Most cases will require you to have your prescription and pupillary depth from an optometrist before you can use an online retailer for glasses. Make sure you have a hard copy of your vision exam. Most websites allow you to upload a photo of your prescription from your smartphone once you have your current prescription.
  • This roundup contains lens-replacement outfits that can be used to replace lenses in existing frames if you don’t have a prescription. If your prescription is up-to-date, you might want to replace a cracked or scratched lens.
  • Many eyeglass replacement websites will require you to send a photo or description of your frame, and possibly a model number, if possible. This allows them to prepare your order faster.
  • Many frames, but not all, can accept prescription lenses.

What are the three most important things to remember when replacing lenses or keeping frames in place?

When replacing your lenses in your frame, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  1. Are you current on your prescription and have you had an eye exam? The average eyeglass prescription lasts for one to two years from the date of your eye exam. However, this can vary depending on where you live. If your prescription is not current, you won’t want new lenses.
  2. Are your frames in good condition? You might not want to invest in new lenses if your frame isn’t going to last. Plastic frames can become more susceptible to breaking as they age.
  3. Which type of lens will best suit your prescription? There are many options available for lenses. You can choose from lenses that have impact resistance or lenses with thinner lenses to suit a higher prescription. There are also single vision, computer-specific, and progressive options.

Are there any options for people who wish to have their glasses re-lensed?

Absolutely. Yes. Your optician or eye doctor can examine your frame and make recommendations about the best lenses and coatings for you. Your glasses will be made correctly by them if they are accurately measured.

What is the best option for complex prescriptions?

Your best bet is to take your glasses to an optician or eye doctor. Your optician can help you choose the right lenses for you. They will also teach measuring where the lenses should go in your glasses so that you can see clearly and comfortably.

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