Here are the Best Sneaker Resale Websites Right Now

Although it’s easier than ever to purchase sneakers on the resale marketplace, the sheer number of options available can make it difficult. What are the best ways to resell sneakers

You can Google your way to the right product, but you could end up with a duplicate, a difficult-to-find pair, or even the wrong one. The secondary market for sneakers is always changing. You might get a great deal on a pair of sneakers one day, but it could turn out to be a terrible deal the next. This is where we come in.

We have compiled a list of the top resale websites to buy shoes today, taking into account recent changes in the reselling market. These are the names that you need to trust, whether it’s an OG like eBay or Flight Club.

Flight Club

This is more than a shop. It’s an institution. Flight Club, New York City’s first secondary market, set the standard for sneaker reselling before venture capital money. This is still a great place to sell higher-priced sneakers. They often fetch much more than StockX and don’t stay around too long. This is the best place to sell a rare Air Jordan collab.

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods was established in 2015. It quickly became a top resale and consignment shop in New York City. The company has expanded its reach through partnerships in China and an extensive online store. LVMH also provided financial backing. Farfetch later acquired Farfetch, an online fashion retailer, in 2018, for $250 million. While you can probably grab the latest Yeezy from any of the shops on this list, what makes Stadium Goods particularly noteworthy is its penchant for stocking extremely rare–and expensive–offerings.

Sole Supremacy

Sole Supremacy is a name you’ll see everywhere on eBay. They have been doing this for many years. You can find everything from Nike SB to Jordan 1s, to Adidas. The site allows you to either purchase directly or order through their eBay page.

Project Blitz

Are you looking for something rarer than the usual, or maybe even something released last weekend? Project Blitz is your place. Project Blitz is the place for celebrities to find rare sneakers. These include rare Nike SB Dunks and lasered Air Force 1s as well as PE sneakers and one-of-a-kind samples.


Portland’s Index is located in the heart Nike and Adidas country. It boasts one the most impressive inventories you will find. Index stocks more than just the most popular sneakers, like Travis Scott and Off White collabs. It also stocks rare player exclusives and friends-and-family pairs as well as long-forgotten original colors.


This sneaker writer doesn’t know of any other app that makes it easier to buy and sell sneakers. Stock X makes it easy to acquire and dispose of shoes. However, the company has suffered from data breaches and a pesky buyer fee. It’s difficult to overlook how eBay and other sites feel archaic when they use this platform.


There are many options when it comes to online marketplaces. GOAT is one of the most popular. GOAT, like other players in the field, uses an auction-like structure and acts as a middleman in transactions. He authenticates the seller before shipping it to his buyer.


eBay was a place to sell and buy rare sneakers before the 2010s sneaker resell boom. Although it has been abandoned by many sneaker lovers in favor of other platforms dedicated to sneakers it still serves its purpose. You can find a low-priced sneaker on eBay or a bargain on a high-end model. It can be difficult to communicate with sneaker sellers by private message. However, eBay recently reduced fees in order to keep sneaker buyers on its platform.

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