How to Find the Best Suit

A suit is one of the most standard and essential clothes anyone can own. The suit has many uses, it can be dressy for work, or casual for the weekends. When buying a suit, unlike women’s wardrobes, men’s tend to be limited to dark or light colored suits. In this article I will look at some of the various suit styles available and where you can buy them.

The usual 3 piece suit is:

These are the most popular and classic styles. Now there are also Tommy Hilfiger suits that are becoming more and more popular everyday. You can get these suits from your local mall or department store and you should be able to find a Hilfiger in the numerous outlets. I will also discuss how you can find the best suit for your body type and other tips.

Double breasted suit:

These are the most conservative looking suits you can purchase and is made for those with larger bodies. Double breasted suits are ideal for those ensembles that are just a tad over weighing. You could also bring a friend with you and see just how it looks on you. To gain more confidence in this kind of suit, you should bring someone who will keep making sure you look good every time you put on the suit.

If you are tall:

If you are tall and you don’t want to look too dramatic with the suit. You can go in for peaked lapels and a double breasted suit can be your best friend. You can also wear a Windsor knot, this is the perfect jacket style for you.

If you are however not too comfortable with the suit and double breasted jackets don’t go too far. You should try single breasted jackets because they won’t be as overwhelming.

If you are however not too comfortable with the suit you can go in for a jacket with no straps or multiple buttons.


Depending on how you feel about the season you can pick a jacket style that is ideal for the season. For the spring try going for a lightweight jacket with a soft material. You can try stuff that will create a bit of a weight and you can take away points for style.

If you are however not too comfortable with the jackets of this type select jackets that have features such as a detachable lining or buttons.

Jackets with three quarter length sleeves are better to be worn during the spring season. You should try to cover up your arms and legs at the same time. Use light colors such as off white and gray.

You should avoid dark colors such as navy blue and black.

For the trousers try to avoid pleats at all costs. In some cases pleats are a good option during the autumn and winter time but that would be too dark of a color to be appropriate for spring.

During the spring try to look for a pair of slacks that have pockets. Slacks with two or three buttons, and with a belt, should be your best bet. Make sure they are neither too baggy nor too tight. In general an item of clothing with two buttons and a belt will look much better than one with one button and a belt.

Colors and patterns:

You should also try and invest in a watch that will match your suit. It is also important to match your tie, socks and any other accessories that you might wear with your suit. For example, if you are wearing a light blue button down shirt, you should avoid blue ties. The general rule is to match the upper portion of the outfit to your dress shirt.

If you are going to be wearing a casual shirt and jacket, avoid high necklines such as crew necks or scoop necks. In general, shirts that have a collar are best suited for dressier occasions. As for ties, plain narrow ties are a good option.

Ties with patterns are good for the more dressy events and are widely available. The rule about solid color ties is that they have a dull color and pattern. As for the type of event you will have, a two tone colored event will require a plain tie. For your jacket, it should have a medium to dark shade depending on the richness of the color of your suit.

A test for matching your suit and slacks best would be to check with your boss and ask them if they know what you are wearing. They can give you a hint and avoid wasting time deciding as they are probably aware of the type of slacks you will be wearing. Asking your companions for ideas and to keep in mind your own personality before purchasing your slacks will help you avoid the mistake of buying slacks that are out of line with your personality and the event you are attending.

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