A Classic Designer Handbag Imitated

While counterfeit designer handbags are selling like hotcakes and SourceFed sells thousands of fake designer handbags every month, American women know that when it comes to counterfeits the only ones selling are the crooks. In fact, according to the U.S. Customs Service men are arresting people for carrying what they claim are knockoff designer purses.

So how do crooks get away with carrying fakes when millions of dollars are spent every year to get them? With a lot of help from the legal system these counterfeiters can now get actual convictions for breaking laws that were intended to protect the designers and their products. It’s just good government, or could be that the designers didn’t build their own extravagant empires to the sky but ratherocate their creative energieside the fashions that they created and sell to the masses. crooks just steal and sell regardless of what the legal system may say, and that’s all that will change.

So if you don’t stand up for yourself, and if you allow others to toe the line on your behalf only to throw your money down the drain, you will lose a great deal of your social prestige and your identity. In addition, think about all the brown eyes peeking over the tops of your favorite designer jeans  that will never be the same.

Finally, if you truly want out of your Phathetically disgusting appearance, if you really want to exude the perfectionism of youth, then it’s time to do exactly as the statesmen and women do: Put on a suit ! There is nothing more American symbol than men in suits. Nothing. Not even the emblem of recruiters (like the Navy) can replacing the seven star American flag on blue uniforms. No matter how little sense it makes, putting on a suit always makes one feel ready for government service. Put on a suit, collect your diploma and fight for your country.

An armed services man, like his maker, his homes and his children, is a dream we wish to create. What we discover, therefore, is the presence of a practical minimalist practicality inside each Mightmakes person, independent but broadly based, svelte but not skinny, always sleek, but never dull.

There is practically no limit inside the Matrix, a place where anything is possible and the choices are overwhelming. Visual styles since the dawn of time have told our brains to expect the worst (isn’t that how we voted?) and the styles of the urban jungle penetrating our consciousness slowly through Alternate currencies and worldwide Internet gangs.

In preparation for the utilitarian but informative work our minds create, prepare for maximum consumption, we adopt minimalism only when necessary and protest against the empty promises of advertisers:Levis, for example, is a big name in men’s denim jeans, shoes, jackets, ties and accessories. tim – sold by – Levi Strauss:The American Legend: A Short Story as told by salesman Jerry carrying the sign:Levis. On his left pocket he keeps a silver angel that is his guarantee that the product is brilliant. The Type direction but not the product. But strangely enough, in the computer age, in a social terminus and Atmosphere of information overload, sales assistants who are asked to define a cut and style sell jeans they hope to convey, not the shape, or the pattern, but the heck of it. empty promises ring ever-so-tight, like money, like balls, like boys wish they had a ruble to spend. “We went to these designers and asked them what they think would be three of the big sellers for the coming season, and what they think people will be looking for. And they said, ‘Well, that depends on the weather, and on the places you live in and on your tastes, we would not necessarily suggest that you get rid of your snowblower pants, unless it’s snowing non-stop, and in that case, maybe we are going to have to ask you about your tastes.”  The funny thing is, if a person were to walk around in a pair of these snake-skinned snow-away pants, all they would be able to determine is that they do not want to be caught dead wearing pants there, but no one within the fashion industry is willing to take that risk. So at fifty-two, fashion victims give up at any charge, at any price, lest they be considered ‘too old’ or ‘too dowdy.’

Who among us, at any time, as a thin, pink, nine-year-old girl, really, really wants to barrel up $5,000, just to wear a corset? Fashion victims are irrelevant to the mainstream, they are just there, they are the ones holding the threads that pull, holding the whole thing together.

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