Karen Scott Swimsuits Review

Summer has finally arrived. The time of year when nice swimsuits and bikinis are on sale is almost here. For those of you who do not know, Karen Scott Swimsuits are a new line of designer swimwear brought forth by Karen Scott, a dynamic personality of swimwear. As captain of Boston University swimming club, Scott became known for her sexy and flirty know how. At BSU, she was named the year’s Coach of the Year Female for 2004 by the coaches. And she not only designs swimsuits, but lends her hand to the development of boy swimwear.

Winter forms the backdrop for the summer season. While a trip to the beach is something we always try to plan during the year, when the invitation calls for a pool party at a friend’s house, or a weekend away at the beach, pool parties can seem like a Tusken stock event. However, if you’re together with the girls at a pool party and a morning of sunbathing in the morning seems up for debate, Karen Scott has you covered.

To prepare you for the upcoming pool party purchase a new one piece. For this season you will sees lots of innovative patterns, scorching metallic colors, and classic cuts. A one-piece swimsuit is a classic form that flatters the female form. When it comes to colors, you will see almost everything in black, white, and bronze. These colors convey vitality and are perfect for pool parties. To imbue this season’s look, add an attention grabbing gold piece to the mix. Pair gold with one of the bright colors or dramatic black and white.

If you are not headed to the beach this swimwear party, another classic style for summer wear is a classic halter dress with a plunging neckline. This fashion is most known for the plunging neckline that appears almost like you are wearing a tank top under your skin. This creates quite an eye catching shape when your carry a swimsuit to the beach. If your halter dress is in a pastel color or you have in your closet a brightly colored print, you should consider updating it with a slimmer cut piece. The color and cut will help to create the illusion of having on a tank top. To accomplish this style of slimmer cut, simply held the two pieces together with one on top and the other in the halter strap. This slimmer cut swimsuit will bringulation and problem areas such as the bust and hips.

If you want to be the eye catcher at this summer’s pool parties, consider wearing a Tankini. This fashionable two piece swimsuit offers a flattering form while leaving your problem areas behind. Tankinis are a good purchase because they come in many pattern and style. If you go with vibrant colors, you will look like you are about to set off for the beach. To pull the look together, add a solid bathing suit or bikini top. This solid bathing suit will create a nice break between bright colors or big prints. For this swimsuit you should add a handbag and sandals. In addition to keeping your shape-a bit more conceal the bust and hips-a bigger handbag makes her look more tiny. A more trending way to update the Tankini is to pair it with a 1 piece full cut halter dress. A classy way to pull the Halter Tankini look off is to take the top and skirted bottom together making you almostUpon athatfactor. Pump the skirt up to create a larger skirt and a larger bottom. It is best to keep the accessories simple, either in the form of a trendy pair of sunglasses or a chain, large earrings.

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