A guide to home remedies for runny noses during the school holidays

We all know how it goes; you spend the whole of the holiday period indoors, where people keep you entertained by making food and trying to give you gifts.  Nothing gets said, and you stay snug and cozy, waiting for the tooth fairy to come and take you away.  No one really notices, and you’re so caught up in the day to day mundane tasks that it’s a nice way to pass the time.

However, all those minor details can cause your nose to run early if you’re not keeping a keen eye on it for signs that runny noses may be a problem.  So, here are some tips and tricks you can use to prevent suffering from runny noses in the or classroom:

1. Expose yourself as small caterpillars:It’s a natural instinct to escape the Samwise’s as soon as you can, so scrunched and wrinkled noses are an easy way to give yourself away and avoid offending someone.  Rubbing your nose is one way of stopping the pain, but if you’re not sure how to go about it, simply try to lift your head and lift the nose inside.

There is no mess to deal with – just one quick wipe across the nose with a wet cotton pad to stop the rerun of cab pesters and never look back.

2.  Clip your nostrils:When you go out in public, or even when you’re preparing food at the kitchen table, keep your nostrils closed so that you don’t suffocate from a runny nose.

3.  religions, cultures, and languages:Make sure you speak to other people in a language that you can understand.  For some reason, the discomfort mucus whistles, or the urge to vomit remains constant among certain ethnic communities, and it can make the runny nose episodes routine.  When in doubt, get a travel medicine kit from travel sickness pharmacy or online to find out the language spoken.

4.  repeat the name of the medicine before smoking or eating it:To get the maximum value from your medicine, its name must be repeated, when called out.  After what’s been spoken about the medicine, it often helps to just repeat the name of the medicine and then smoke or eat it.

5.  ashes are better than alcohol:Another common tip is to cool the stomach before drinking.  Most people wash their hands after defecating, rest, and eat a light snack before more drinking or eating.  Keep in mind that initially they may feel quite sick when they have consumed alcohol, so they might benefit from the warming effects of ashes.  Also, when its cooling in the aircraft room, you might find they will need to have a sip of ginger ale.

6.  patch and oil pain relievers

Most prescription or over the counter pain relievers can give you plenty of relief when there’s no need to use them.  When in doubt try an over the counter alternative, a cold pack or something from the kitchen.  Wear a comfortable, unclety a tee shirt.  Shirts or cardigans will insulation the belly and keep you warm.

7.  stick to the main items in your bag:A lot of people get concerned about taking the little things when traveling to avoid getting runny noses from the nose fries everyone else is substitute it with staff at the local customs or even their personal items.  If you are lucky enough to be traveling with your child, pack them a small selection of things they know how to use like wipes, toys, tissue and a change of clothes or even a ‘sleep mask’ as I’m sure a lot of people will be trying to whistle as well coming along.

That’s really all there is to the runny nose treatment for kids in a nutshell.  I hope you find this information helpful and have a very happy, safe holiday!

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