Spooktacularly Chic Halloween Décor

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Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to involve blood, guts and terror. While our front porch gets a transformation for the trick-or-treaters, I still want the inside of our home to remain stylish and glam during this spooky time of year. Using pieces with moody and dark hues like black and gold creates dramatic, chic Halloween décor with a sophisticated touch. Pairing classic pieces with a few spooky touches like skulls, webs or spiders will instantly transform your home décor. Just remember, moderation is key. Choose a theme but don’t be afraid to edit if it starts to feel overdone or too chachkey. Another bonus: you can reuse many of the pieces like these candlesticks throughout the year. What are some of your favorite themes or pieces to use for chic Halloween décor?


:: Spooktacularly Chic Halloween Décor ::

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