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  • The New Trends in Polarized Sunglasses

    There are trends in sunglasses that change so rapidly you wonder why you bought the first pair and now you are regretting that you bought a new one after one year because it is not functional anymore. Some new trends in sunglasses that are slowly becoming a trend include the use of polarized sunglasses. This […]

  • How to Find the Best Suit

    A suit is one of the most standard and essential clothes anyone can own. The suit has many uses, it can be dressy for work, or casual for the weekends. When buying a suit, unlike women’s wardrobes, men’s tend to be limited to dark or light colored suits. In this article I will look at […]

  • A Classic Designer Handbag Imitated

    While counterfeit designer handbags are selling like hotcakes and SourceFed sells thousands of fake designer handbags every month, American women know that when it comes to counterfeits the only ones selling are the crooks. In fact, according to the U.S. Customs Service men are arresting people for carrying what they claim are knockoff designer purses. […]

  • 4 Common invitations to champagne toast

    Invitation to champagne toast: 1. An invitation to champagne to a black tie followed by a dark attractive tuxedo.2. Special invitation to a black tie followed by a ball gown.3. A wedding party invitation or a dinner invitation which indicates that the host is hoping for a formal meeting and that the guests are expected […]

  • Choosing The Right Shirt That Combines Style With Function

    The shirt is one of the most basic items that we all wear. Aside from the few staple outfits like the tuxedo or the suit, the shirt is usually the part that covers the back, shoulders, and arms and usually matches the pants. In my previous articles, I’ve described what happens with the necktie, the […]

  • All About Bollywood Sarees

    When Bollywood happens to decide to make a new fashion statement, people are always ready to jumpsuit, dashikis, dolled up looks, and well, much more. Among the most viewed attires during this season are the Bollywood sarees. Well, ethnic wears are not the only attires to leave people curious; these divas have also borrowed some […]

  • Karen Scott Swimsuits Review

    Summer has finally arrived. The time of year when nice swimsuits and bikinis are on sale is almost here. For those of you who do not know, Karen Scott Swimsuits are a new line of designer swimwear brought forth by Karen Scott, a dynamic personality of swimwear. As captain of Boston University swimming club, Scott […]

  • How Fleece Pajamas Help the Environment

    For those who are extremely busy but want to make a large impact on the environment, fleece pajamas might just be the perfect choice for that cause. Fleece is created from the fur of the sheep. Most fleece is used to make either boots or vest. In fact, up to eighty percent is used for […]

  • A guide to home remedies for runny noses during the school holidays

    We all know how it goes; you spend the whole of the holiday period indoors, where people keep you entertained by making food and trying to give you gifts.  Nothing gets said, and you stay snug and cozy, waiting for the tooth fairy to come and take you away.  No one really notices, and you’re […]

  • Top Some Rare Beach Camping Locations in California

    There are many beautiful beaches around California. However, many of these beaches are not plumbed directly to the ocean. You can’t find a beach where you can watch the waves spout at the kissing of the shore line. Maybe you really want to get the beach soaking wet. Do you want to watch people strip […]