Hi! I’m Liz, a Dallas based fashion blogger. Thank you so much for visiting Style Summary!

I started this project as an outlet for sharing my love for fashion and expressing it through my personal style.  I’m not quite sure when my love story with fashion began, but I do remember flipping through issues of Vogue at a very young age and playing a lot of dress up. Not much has changed ;)

A little about me…
Even though I wasn’t born there, I identify myself as a Nebraskan, where I was raised. I’ve been in Dallas for over 5 years, and Texas almost 10 but it certainly hasn’t felt that long! During the day I work in advertising, and then snuggle up in bed at night to my blog, my hubs and our two furry babies (you’ll get a glimpse of them sometimes on my Instagram feed). I am a little obsessed with red wine, avocados and goat cheese. Together or apart. Yum. And my style is a mix of on-trend, affordable pieces with one or two higher-end investments. I love a good bargain, and can usually convince myself to make the purchase because of how much I’m saving on whatever amazing item it is.

I hope you enjoy your time visiting and leave feeling inspired about your own style!

Keep in touch! xo